Sunday, February 3, 2008

My Super Bowl Prediction

It's finally time for me to step up and make my own prediction. I had a post yesterday that had a list of a bunch of "experts" and their predictions for the big game, and now I will chime in with my own thoughts.

First of all, is there any chance the Giants win? I say no, unless the following things happen:
1. Brady throws three picks (just like the AFC Championship game)
2. Brady is sacked at least 5 times (He was only sacked once when they played back in Week 17)
3. Eli Manning throws zero interceptions (good luck with that one)
4. The Giants rush for a combined 150 yards with Jacobs and Bradshaw
5. The Giants hold the Patriots to under 30 points
6. Randy Moss continues to sleep walk through the playoffs (He has only 2 catches)
7. Wes Welker breaks his leg (He had 11 catches last time they played)

If all of those things happen, it would be a close game. The Patriots played one of their worst games of the season back in Week 17 when these two teams met, and they still pulled out the victory. The Giants played their best game, and lost. The week off also probably killed most of the momentum the Giants had following all of those road victories. Finally, can you really trust Eli Manning? 2 months ago, his career was about to go into the tank. He was one of the 10 worst starting quarterbacks in the league. He has miraculously turned things around, and even hasn't thrown an interception yet in the playoffs. That probably means he is due.

My prediction: Patriots 34, Giants 20. The Giants score a late touchdown to make the score seem closer than it really is. Tom Brady is the MVP with three touchdown passes, two of them to Wes Welker. Most of America turns off the game right before Tom Petty performs, as the game is 27-10 at the half.

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