Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Flyers Lose on Ron Hextall Night

The Flyers played with grit and determination, just like the man they honored tonight always played, but they still fell short of the win. The Flyers lost 4-3 to the Washington Capitals, fighting back with two late third period goals to make it an interesting finish. The Flyers got two power play goals, one from the red hot Mike Knuble and the other by Randy Jones. The Flyers actually out shot the Capitals, but Washington continued their solid play against Philly the last few years. They have won six of their last eight against the Flyers.

The Flyers had a sure goal by Scott Hartnell that was waived off earlier in the game because the refs said that the goalie was pushed into the net. Even after a lengthy video replay, the Flyers were not awarded the goal. I watched the game through the Capitals feed, and even their announcers said the goal should have counted, so the Flyers probably should have had this game tied. Oh well, I guess just like Ron Hextall, the Flyers fell a little short of winning the big one!

*More Forsberg News! Foppa continues to cross teams off of his list. Forsberg told the Stars, Red Wings, Sharks, Penguins and Flames that he would not play for them. That leaves 25 more options for Forsberg, with the Flyers and Avalanche being the top two contenders. There are still some grumblings that the Rangers are in the hunt, but unless they start getting competitive, they won't be able to offer Forsberg the Cup run he wants. Stay tuned, he is expected to make his decision within the week!

Finally, I will leave you with a video of our beloved Ron Hextall, doing one of the things we loved him for, sticking it to Chris Chelios:

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