Friday, February 22, 2008

According to Rotoworld, Eagles will sign no top Receivers

Not the best source of information, but Rotoworld has been putting up Free Agency Primers the last few days. Today, they previewed the top free agent wide receivers, and speculated where each one will sign. Surprisingly, the Eagles were not projected to sign any of them. Here are the top 5 free agent receivers, and who Rotoworld says they will sign with:

D. J. Hackett: Redskins
Bernard Berrian: Raiders
Jerry Porter: Vikings
Donte' Stallworth: Titans
Bryant Johnson: Bears

So what to take from this? Absolutely nothing. Rotoworld is a decent source, but they are just throwing darts here. I can see the Redskins signing one of these players, but I haven't heard that the Raiders are in the market for a receiver.

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