Monday, February 18, 2008

Lito Sheppard Rumor a Joke?

This is why we can't believe everything ESPN is spewing out. Derrick Gunn of Comcast Sportsnet asked Lito Sheppard about the rumor that he was being shopped by the Eagles, and Lito thought Gunn was joking with him. Sheppard's contract runs through 2011, and according to Gunn he has every intention of making things work in Philly. A team spokesman went on to say that "any reports that suggest we have allowed Lito or his agent to seek a trade are absolutely and undeniably false".

Another interesting part to the article is that Lito feels like he has outplayed his contract, and he will ask the Eagles for a new contract. We know the Eagles won't give him a new deal, so that could lead to Lito requesting a trade.

The only way the Eagles would consider moving Lito would be if they were guaranteed to land a defensive back like Asante Samuel in free agency. There is no way they would be able to know if Samuel would sign with them until free agency starts, which is 11 days away.

The rumors concerning the Eagles are flying. One thing is for sure, we know that the Birds are looking to improve this team one way or another. They should be looking into all of the available options, hoping that one of them pans out. The front office should be doing its due diligence to ensure they can acquire whatever talent they can to help the team. Moving a guy like Lito Sheppard, while probably a bad idea, would be a move that would help free up money for another player. I can't wait to see what other crazy rumors come out in the next few days.


Ian - Inside the Iggles said...

What gets me is he says it's a joke, but then tells Gunn he does want a new contract, and if not he wants to force a trade. Sounds like his intentions have been leaked.

EnriqueFed said...

I agree... the way the Eagles acted so fast to cover this one up, makes me think there might have actually been something to it