Friday, February 29, 2008

Randy Moss Looking for a team

Randy Moss has been a free agent for almost a full day. He reportedly is not happy with the deal that the Patriots are offering him, so he has begun listening to other teams. Even though he seems happy to be a Patriot, Moss feels like he is worth more than the Pats are offering him.

Should the Eagles pursue? First of all, the Eagles must figure out if they can afford another hefty contract. After signing Asante Samuel to a huge deal, can the Eagles afford to pay another top free agent? Not likely. That is also why the Larry Fitzgerald trade situation won't pan out. You can't allow two players to take up 20% of your cap space and expect to field a competitive team. If the Eagles signed another free agent to a 8 or 9 million dollar contract, massive cuts would have to take place.

Of course, there is the question as to whether the Eagles would want to deal with Randy Moss. Moss seems to have changed his attitude since joining the Patriots, but that is probably due to all the winning and the numbers he was putting up. Moss feels like the Patriots are trying to sign him on the cheap right now, and he thinks he should get paid coming off a record-breaking season. Although I anticipate the Eagles being a good team next year, if they were to sign him, then somehow struggled and Moss wasn't getting enough catches, we could have a T.O. situation on our hands. This team can't handle something like that again.

Don't count on Randy Moss being an Eagle. While he would be a phenomenal player for the Birds, and he and McNabb would put up amazing numbers, he is not financially nor behaviorally an option. He would cost too much, and the potential problems would not be worth the trouble. Let's just hope that Moss doesn't sign with the Cowboys, because him teaming up with T.O. would be scary good. Maybe we shouldn't worry, though, because we do have the secondary that could handle that if it should happen!

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