Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Howard's Big Day

Today is Ryan Howard's arbitration hearing. Arbiters will be deciding whether the big slugger will earn 7 million or 10 million next year.

I have given my thoughts on the situation.

As always, Beerleaguer has a great take on it.

We won't hear the results of today's hearing until sometime tomorrow. My prediction? Given that no player has won his arbitration case this year, the Phillies are 7-0 lifetime, and receiveing 10 million in an arbitration case would be a record, I think the odds are against Howard. He is a special, unique player, but it's still unlikely that he we will win. Let's just hope it doesn't affect his play on the field. Howard needs to have another standout year, then the Phillies will be forced to give him the big contract he wants.

UPDATE: For all the updates on the proceedings of the day you can handle, go to this Phillies blog, done by Scott Lauber of Delaware Online.

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