Friday, February 29, 2008

Larry Fitzgerald won't be an Eagle, McNabb will

Two reports from this morning:

Larry Fitzgerald won't be traded The guy Philly fans want the most is probably not an option. says that Fitzgerald won't be traded because the Cardinals don't want to and no team would want to take on his huge salary. Even though Garry Cobb is reporting it like it's a fact, I think the dream scenario of trading Lito Sheppard for Fitzgerald is out the window at this point. There is no way the Eagles can afford to take on Fitzgerald's contract if they sign Asante Samuel to a 10 million plus dollar contract.

Donovan McNabb expects to be back We all assumed this by now, but McNabb went on ESPN radio and confirmed that he expects to be back with the Birds next year. McNabb said it "would be a shock" if he didn't play for the Eagles in 2008. I think at this point, with the Eagles getting ready to sign a premium free agent, the Eagles will need McNabb next year. It would make little sense to sign top talent on defense and then go with an unproven quarterback on offense.

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