Monday, February 25, 2008

Eagles targeting Gibril Wilson

The rumor wheel just keeps on turning. The Eagles have long been rumored to be pursuing Asante Samuel, but with his astronomical price tag, they may look to a more feasible option. Speculation from today's Philadelphia Inquirer says that the Eagles will make a strong attempt to sign Giants Safety Gibril Wilson.

Wilson is much less flashy than Samuel, but he is probably the better fit. Wilson is especially attractive to the Eagles because he knows Jim Johnson's defensive system, as the Giants ran it last year. The Eagles will also need someone to replace Brian Dawkins very soon, and Wilson could be that guy. More importantly, he is in the Eagles price range, meaning he could be had for much less than Samuel.

Gibril Wilson might make more sense for the Eagles, and he won't break the bank. If the Eagles really want to get a solid receiver and a good secondary guy, then a cheaper option like Wilson is the way to go. Asante Samuel would look great in an Eagles uniform, but not for the amount of money he wants.

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