Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Forsberg Comeback Story Just Won't Die

I hope everyone else is getting as sick of this story as I am. After Peter Forsberg's agent came out yesterday and said it looks "unlikely" that Forsberg will be healthy enough to play, Forsberg said today that he isn't ruling out the possibility of a return. Forsberg said the following in a Swedish television interview:

"The foot doesn't feel 100 (percent), but there is still one week left until the deadline"

Hockeybuzz has confirmed that Forsberg hasn't completely ruled out a return.

This all sounds like a guy who hasn't given up hope that he might come back. The only question I have is whether the Flyers can afford to sign him, what with the acquisition of Jaroslav Modry. Would that put them too close to the cap, and unable to sign Forsberg? And, at this point, does anybody really care anymore?

Flyers GM Paul Holmgren added his thoughts on the flip-flopping Foppa:

"He didn't close the door completely. It's still open a crack......we'll all have a definite answer in a week"

After yesterday, I thought we had closure. It looks like this story won't go away until the trade deadline, which thankfully is only 7 days away.

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