Friday, February 8, 2008

Flyers News and Notes

The Flyers have an off-day today before their big game against the Rangers, but there have been a lot of news and rumors circulating.

*Injury News: Scottie Upshall is sidelined 7 to 10 days after spraining his ankle against the Capitals on Wednesday. His energy will be missed, although Joffrey Lupul might be returning to the ice on Saturday against the Rangers.

*New Lines?: Due to the injuries, the Flyers will need to shuffle their lines a bit, and John Stevens has said that he might want to split up Simon Gagne and Danny Briere. The two have not had the same chemistry they started the season with, although most of that is due to Gagne's injuries. Stevens said he might put Gagne with Mike Richards. I think Briere and Gagne should stay on the same line, because they are going to be counted on to be the top scorers in the playoffs.

*Forsberg!: The Canucks and Wild are two teams that Forsberg has not crossed off his list, and they both are interested in his services. The Wild owner was in Nashville last season, so he has an interest in bringing Foppa to his new team. The Flyers are still considered the front-runner, and word has spread that they have already bought a bunch of medical supplies in preparation of his return. Forsberg must make his decision soon since he has to be on a roster by the trade deadline, February 26th, or he won't be able to suit up in the playoffs.

*Trade Rumors: With the trade deadline coming, there is some speculation as to what the Flyers are going to do. Their one main need is for a defenseman, and one player mentioned is Rob Blake of the Kings. The Flyers would need to clear some cap space, and this piece speculates that Sami Kapanen, Upshall and Mike Knuble might be moved. Of course, I have also heard completely out there rumors that the Flyers want to trade Jeff Carter for Mats Sundin, but don't hold your breath. With the deadline fast approaching, we are going to hear a ton of unfounded rumors.

To get us all psyched up for a possible Forsberg return, here is his famous shoot-out goal from the 1994 Olympics. It's a little bit grainy, but you can tell that's a young, agile Foppa that we won't be getting.

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