Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eagles sign J.R. Reed, tender Joselio Hanson

The Eagles made two minor moves as they prepare themselves for free agency. Safety and kick returner J.R. Reed was re-signed to a one year contract, and corner Joselio Hanson was tendered an offer sheet worth 1.47 million for next year. Other teams have seven days to make an offer to Hanson, which the Eagles can match. If the Eagles choose not to match an offer, they would receive a second round pick as compensation.

The moves are small, but somewhat significant. J.R. Reed will be trying to make the club as a returner again next year. The Eagles should be looking to bring in some competition for him, and I had heard the name Andre Davis brought up as a possibility, although he just re-signed with the Texans. Bringing Hanson back would provide some depth in the secondary. Hanson finished last season as the third (nickel) cornerback, but hopefully he is being planned on as nothing more than a fourth next year.

It's worth noting that if the Eagles pay Hanson 1.47 million, that is already more than half of the money the saved from cutting Kearse.

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