Friday, February 22, 2008

Eagles Sign Patriots Wide Receiver!

No, it's not Randy Moss or Donte' Stallworth. The Eagles signed wide receiver Brandon "Bam" Childress, who has been on the Patriots practice squad for the last few years, to a two year contract. This is not the move for a playmaker that we have been waiting for, as Childress has only 3 career receptions. He may also have some kick return ability. He went to Ohio State, where he won a national championship in 2002.

Maybe we are looking to get a little bit of the Patriots magic here in Philly? The better question is, will he tell us any of their taping secrets?


Russianator said...

Whenver I hear the name "bam" all I can think of is Bam Morris, hopefully this guy doesn't have his habits....

Greg said...


I'm Greg, I run the website

Bam Childress is a guy that I really like. He's fast, but better than fast, he's quick. He's one of the more agile players I've ever seen.

He's also versatile. In the 2005 finale, he caught three passes for 32 yards, while also recording four tackles as a nickle-back. In 2006, he had a two catch game in which he also played runningback. Even in the 2007 preseason, he played runningback and receiver, totaling more than ten yards per carry on three carries.

Childress always impressed in training camp. Unfortunately, a roster spot wasn't always available. He runs decent routes, has great hands, and he has return ability as well.

Don't expect him to come out and be a superstar, but if this guy gets a couple of more years, I think he has the potential to be an impact player.

EnriqueFed said...

Thanks for the great info on Childress, its looks like he might have some solid potential