Monday, February 11, 2008

Eagles Eyeing Moss?

It's hard to tell what to believe about the Eagles this offseason. Rumors have been flying about every remotely available wide receiver, from Larry Fitzgerald to Roy Williams to Javon Walker. It's difficult to say if these are just scenarios dreamed up by fans, or if the Eagles are actually trying to appease Donovan McNabb's cry for more playmakers.

The latest rumor involves the Eagles going after possible free agent Randy Moss. Even though everything I have heard up until today has said that Moss will return to New England, Chris Mortenson of ESPN reported that the Eagles will go after Moss if he becomes available. I have scoured the internet, and have found no other source that can confirm this rumor, but it is still interesting to think about. Would Moss come to the Eagles? How much money would it take? And would the Eagles want him, with all of his character issues? If you thought T.O. was bad, at least he doesn't take plays off like Randy Moss. Moss could be a changed man after his one year in New England, but who's to say he won't revert back to the jerk he was in Oakland?

I say to take this rumor, like all the rest about the Eagles going for a receiver, with a grain of salt. I am sure that the Eagles will at least look into some of these situations, but we are more likely to see a second tier type of receiver, like a Bernard Berrian, than a true star, like a Larry Fitzgerald, playing in Philly next year. This rumor about Moss could be another attempt by Chris Mortenson to grab some headlines, like he did a few weeks ago with the story about the Ravens going after McNabb, which the Ravens flatly denied. Get ready for a whole slew of rumors about the Eagles, but don't get too excited until something actually happens.


Q said...

TO has messed it up for any big name reciever coming to philly. larry is a good fit, chad johnson has too much mouth. berrain would be a good addition with his speed. doubt if moss will come to philly.

EnriqueFed said...

Like I say in the post, I doubt any top flight receiver comes to Philly. We will get another Kevin Curtis type.... solid, but not spectacular