Monday, February 18, 2008

Forsberg Not Coming Back This Season

No sooner than I had finished my previous post, news came out that Peter Forsberg has decided not to come back to the NHL. His agent has advised all of the teams in the running for his services that Forsberg does not feel confident enough in his health to make a return. We knew all along that unless Forsberg felt like he could return to the Foppa of old, he would not come back.

For the Flyers, I think this is good news. They didn't need another injured player. Foppa at anything less than 90% wouldn't help this team. The fact that Forsberg finally made his decision also means that Flyers fans and players can stop looking to him as some kind of savior. The Flyers can now move ahead and make the necessary deals to shore up a flailing team.

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