Sunday, February 24, 2008

Richards Injury Opens Door for Forsberg?

So Mike Richards went down, he'll be out three weeks with a torn hamstring. These are the types of kick-us-when-we're-down injuries that seem to only happen in Philadelphia. Well, as soon as Richards was knocked out, Hockeybuzz re-started our favorite rumor: Peter Forsberg is coming to Philly. From

Forsberg: The Flyers, Sens, Wild, and Rangers are all in Peter, however I was told again today that a team may very well have already worked out a deal with Peter and that team may very well be Philadelphia.

It actually might make some sense now. The Flyers need another center after losing Richards. They also have lots of cap space now that Simon Gagne is off the books. The only thing that might keep Forsberg from coming here is that the Flyers aren't really a Stanley Cup contender, one of Foppa's original demands. Maybe now he is willing to come here and be a savior, the guy that breaks the losing streak and leads the Flyers back into the playoffs.

The only other question is, do we want all of the drama that Peter Forsberg brings to the team? It actually could be a good thing for all of the young guys who are feeling the pressure to win. Forsberg could deflect a lot of that pressure onto himself. Or, he could just end up causing more trouble. Forsberg has only two more days to decide if he is coming back. Let's hope the Flyers know what they are doing.

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