Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Mo Cheeks to get Contract Extension

Since when does coaching a team to a 96-127 record get you a contract extension? The Sixers are close to giving head coach Maurice Cheeks a new contract. He is currently on the last year of a three year deal. There is no word yet on how long the deal is, or for how much. Maybe Cheeks should only get paid if he can finally guide the Sixers to the playoffs.

All jokes aside, Cheeks has done enough to warrant an extension. He hasn't had much to work with, and he has done a good job transitioning the team from the Allen Iverson era to the Andre Iguodala era. He gets the team playing hard, and while a record of 23-31 this season isn't that impressive, with the talent he has been given it is better than expected. As long as he can keep the young guys playing hard, he deserves to be the coach of this team. The contract extension will also keep our old friend Larry Brown from swooping in and trying to snatch the job away.

UPDATE: Cheeks got a one year extension, with an option for a second year, worth up to 3 million.

*Sixers lose to Timberwolves I hope that GM Ed Stefanski watched tonights game and used it as leverage when talking about the value of Cheeks' contract. The Sixers looked lethargic and got blown out against the lowly Minnesota Timberwolves, who got just their 11th win of the season. Stat line of the night had to go to Willie Green, who in 19 minutes shot 3 for 10, and managed to record zero assists, rebounds or steals. They play the Knicks tonight, at home. Normally I would say it is a winnable game, but this is the Sixers.

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