Monday, February 25, 2008

Eagles Rumor Roundup: The Latest on Samuel, Wilson, Sheppard, Walker

With the NFL free agency period beginning Thursday, the rumors continue to fly. It seems like nearly every big name player who might be available has been linked with the Eagles at some point. Let's sort through the latest rumors:

*Asante Samuel ready to sign? Definitely the hottest name out there, a number of sources are reporting that the Eagles will sign Samuel, with Peter King of Sports Illustrated reporting the deal will be around 5 years, 55 million. King warns that the Eagles might be making a mistake signing Samuel to such a large deal, however. He points out that Samuel is a finesse corner who doesn't like contact. King also says he was exposed by the Giants in the Superbowl when the Patriots couldn't get pressure on Eli Manning. The Jets have reportedly dropped out of the running, so besides the Eagles, the only other team rumored to be willing to spend the money it would take to get Samuel is the Saints.

*Gibril Wilson in the mix I posted on him earlier in the day, and if the Eagles want a cheaper option that will be productive in their system, Wilson is their guy.

*Lito Sheppard to the Patriots? With the parting of Asante Samuel, the Patriots will need some secondary help, and rumors are floating that the Pats want Lito Sheppard. This doesn't make much sense to me, because Lito wants a new deal, and if the Patriots aren't willing to pay Samuel, why would they want to give Lito a big contract?

*Guard Alan Faneca a possibility? Although not a playmaker, I am sure Donovan McNabb would welcome this guy to the Eagles. According to, the Eagles might be interested in signing the top guard on the market, Alan Faneca. If they signed him, Jon Runyan would probably be released, and Shawn Andrews would move to tackle. Although I would hate to see Runyan go, this makes sense if the Eagles need to clear up more cap space.

*Javon Walker to the 'Boys? He was rumored to be a trade possibility for the Eagles, but it looks like a division rival might snatch him up. The Cowboys are working on a deal that will bring Walker to Dallas, costing them only a fifth round pick.

*Chad Johnson to the 'Skins? Another division rival, the Redskins, are looking to swing a trade for Johnson. Of course, the Bengals have been denying that they will trade him at all.

So, it looks like the Eagles will get some secondary help, possibly signing either Samuel or Wilson. But, what receivers will they go after? It might take a trade to get a player of any significance, as the free agent options are pretty slim. Expect rumors to continue to swirl right up until the start of free agency.

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