Monday, February 25, 2008

Forsberg Signs with Avs

Well, so much for a return to Philadelphia. In what might make Flyers fans breathe a sigh of relief, the Colorado Avalanche signed Peter Forsberg for the remainder of the season. The oft-injured forward will attempt to make his comeback on the team that he began his NHL career with.

This is a fitting end to this story. Most Flyers fans were initially excited about the possibility of Forsberg returning, but as time went on, and it became clear that Forsberg was far from healthy, they began to sour on the idea. At this point, with all of the issues the Flyers have, a hobbled Forsberg wasn't going to be their savior. Let the Avalanche deal with the daily issues as to whether he will play, and how many shifts his foot will be able to take.

It would have been nice to have the Peter Forsberg of three years ago back in Philly. Too bad that's not the Foppa that will be playing with the Avalanche this year.

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