Sunday, February 3, 2008

Belichick Could be Suspended for One Year!?

A report has surfaced from Sal Paolantonio of ESPN that if the latest allegations against the Patriots taping the Rams walk-through at Super Bowl XXXVI turn out to be true, he will be suspended for a full year. Turns out that after what happened with the Jets earlier in the year, Commissioner Roger Goodell warned Belichick that the next time something like this happens, he will be suspended. That could make today's game his last with the Patriots. For more, read the article over at

This is huge news, and a suspension of a full year would be unprecedented. If the Patriots are found to have cheated again, they deserve whatever they get. I have a hunch that Belichick will just retire after the game today, rather than take any more penalties from the NFL. I would not expect this to affect his coaching ability, if anything it might make him more hungry to go out a winner.

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