Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Jaroslav Modry a Flyer

The Flyers finally made a move to shore up their defense, acquiring Jaroslav Modry, age 36, from the Los Angeles Kings for a third round pick. According to TSN, Modry is a "quietly effective player in the offensive zone" and has "excellent instincts". Looking at Modry's stats the last few years, he doesn't put up big points, but he is usually on the positive side in the plus/minus department.

This is not a move that will get most Flyer fans excited. Coming off the heels of the news that the Flyers are interested in Tomas Kaberle, this move could be looked at as somewhat disappointing. However, the Flyers got a steady veteran who has some limited playoff experience. With Derian Hatcher out for a few more weeks, Modry makes a nice addition to a depleted back end. A third round pick seems like a reasonable thing to give up for a steadying presence.

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