Monday, February 4, 2008

Ravens Not Interested in McNabb?

The Baltimore Ravens may not want Donovan McNabb after all. After reports came out a few days ago that the Ravens were going to go after McNabb, Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome denied any interest, saying:

"We have not had one meeting to discuss any personnel on our team or anyone else's team.....we've been very busy hiring assistant coaches."

Newsome even went on to say that the team doesn't even have a quarterback coach yet, and therefore the team has not discussed who their quarterback was going to be. Nice try, but I don't believe that line of reasoning at all. There is no way a team would wait to figure out who will play their most important position until they hire an assistant coach.

So what are we supposed to believe? This is the exact reaction I would expect the Ravens to have, it's not like they are going to come out and say exactly what their plans are and risk losing any leverage in possible trades. My bet is they are going to pursue a quarterback, but they don't know if it will be through a trade, the draft or free agency. They will probably look into any quarterback who might be available, which may or may not include McNabb. I really don't see the Eagles making a deal unless they get an offer that completely blows them away, like three first round picks and a player or two.

An article from the Baltimore Sun about this situation is here.

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