Monday, March 3, 2008

Randy Moss Re-signs with Patriots

Looks like the pipe dream of seeing Randy Moss in an Eagle uniform is over. Moss re-signed with the New England Patriots for 3 years, 27 million. Moss was likely using other teams, like the Eagles, as leverage in getting more money from the Patriots. We will never know if the Eagles actually showed any real interest in signing Moss, but hopefully they at least inquired as to whether he wanted to come to Philly.

So where does the Eagles search for a top receiver go from here? All of the top free agent receivers have signed. They reportedly have no interest in Javon Walker. A trade for Larry Fitzgerald seems unlikely. Either the Eagles have something else up their sleeves, or we are looking at the same group of receivers again next year. Get used to hearing about Reggie Brown "taking it to the next level" again.

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