Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kevin Jones Wants to Come Home to Philly

Former Detroit Lions running back and Chester native Kevin Jones is a free agent, and he would love to come back to Philly and play for his hometown team. He may get his wish, as the Eagles are amongst 12 teams interested in signing the former thousand yard rusher. The Eagles would likely have the inside track in signing Jones because he is very vocal about his interest in playing in Philadelphia. He said that "Chester will always be home to me" and that he has always wanted to play for the Eagles.

Should the Eagles go after a injury-riddled running back who is coming off December knee surgery? When healthy, Jones proved to be a versatile back who could catch the ball out of the backfield, kind of a Brian Westbrook-lite. He's not a great goal-line back, but he would certainly be a better backup than Tony Hunt. Jones, who when healthy has started every NFL game he has been a part of, is willing to be a backup, saying that he would "love to play with Brian Westbrook" and that he could "learn some things" from the Eagles starter.

Jones would be a nice addition as a backup, as long as he comes at a reasonable price. He would be an upgrade over Hunt, but I would worry that he is a little too similar to Westbrook. The Eagles need a guy who can pound the ball up the middle, not another shifty pass catching back. If Jones is willing to take a "home town discount" to come play for the Eagles, then he would be a strong addition to their backfield.

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