Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Who is Kris Wilson?

The answer: likely the newest Eagle. Kris Wilson is visiting the Eagles today, and the team has announced they will hold a press conference at 3 pm today, where they will likely discuss their signing of the free agent. According to, Wilson is a tight end, H-back and fullback. He is a local kid, from Lancaster, who spent the last four seasons with the Kansas City Chiefs. He is coming off his best season in 2007, where he started 12 games, and caught 24 passes for 180 yards. He played a lot of fullback last season for the Chiefs and even had 3 carries for 7 yards. He also has 4 career touchdown receptions.

So where will Wilson fit in with the Eagles? Is he being brought in as a third string tight end, or as competition for the recently signed Dan Klecko for fullback? Likely he will compete for both spots, and he will make the team if he shows he can be a useful special teamer. The Eagles already have L.J. Smith and Brent Celek entrenched into the top two tight end spots, so Wilson would have to compete with Matt Schobel for the third tight end spot.

The Eagles roster is rounding out nicely. With the recent signing of Rocky Boiman, they seem set on the defensive side of the ball, and the signing of Kris Wilson would help to solidify the offense. There are still a few more needs, like another running back and a top flight receiver, but those can always be addressed with the draft.

The Eagles are making a good showing this off-season, starting with the big splash of Asante Samuel and then finishing with lots of smaller, necessary depth players. Hopefully this all translates into a return to the playoffs.

Here is a short highlight of Wilson plowing through the Titans defense to score a touchdown.

UPDATE: Wilson has reportedly signed with the Eagles to a three year deal.


Anonymous said...

Love this signing. Wilson is the offensive version of Clemmons. Just coming into his own. Several good years ahead of him. Also, like Boiman, a good special teams contributor. Kudos to the Eagles. Now if we can just pick up Jordy Nelson in the draft!

EnriqueFed said...

I agree, I like how the Eagles keep picking up guys with a lot of versatility.