Sunday, March 2, 2008

Javon Walker a Wanted Man.... or not?

As rumors continue to swirl about Randy Moss, with the latest involving the Minnesota Vikings, a cheaper option is drawing a lot of attention around the league. Javon Walker apparently has ten teams interested in his services: the 49ers, Bills, Buccaneers, Cowboys, Eagles, Giants, Panthers, Raiders, Redskins, and Vikings. Notice thats the entire NFC East going after the oft-injured wide receiver.

If the Eagles can't get Randy Moss, then, barring a trade, Javon Walker would be the next best option. He would come at half the cost of Moss, although his price will be driven up since 1/3 of the league is in competition for his services. If healthy, Walker would be a great addition, and a serious weapon for Donovan McNabb. He can make catches across the middle, and has the speed to beat defenders deep. Dare I say, he is more versatile than Moss, who seems to only thrive on deep routes. Having started his career in Green Bay, Walker also already knows the West Coast offense.

Javon Walker might end up being the a better option than Randy Moss simply because he will be cheaper and he won't be a locker room distraction.

UPDATE: According to, the Eagles and Redskins are not interested in Walker. Apparently Walker's agent is trying to drum up interest for the receiver. It might only be the Cowboys with an interest in Walker, and his agent is trying to get a good contract by faking a market for him.

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