Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Phillies Remove Castro, 3 Others From Camp

The Phillies have finally dropped a player from camp who had a solid chance of making the major league roster. They sent Fabio Castro, the diminutive lefty, down to the Double-A camp today. Castro has shuttled back and forth between the big club and the minors for the last few years, but has never done enough to stick. The Phillies still need another lefty in the pen, but Castro must not have done enough this spring to prove he could be relied upon. Castro throws with some serious heat, so I would expect him to develop into a LOOGY (Lefty One Out GuY) sometime down the road.

The Phillies also sent three position players to the minors: catchers Jason Jaramillo and Pete Laforest and third baseman Brennan King. None of them were expected to make the team this year, and will likely toil in the minors for a while, although Jaramillo could be a useful backup catcher in the future.

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