Monday, March 3, 2008

Moss Almost an Eagle

Randy Moss was very close to coming to Philadelphia. Various sources are reporting that the Eagles offered Moss more money, but Moss was simply more comfortable remaining in New England. has the story on just how close it was:

" was a day of high drama. The process went back and forth between the Eagles and the Patriots. At one point, the Eagles thought they had him. Then, it looked like the Pats had him. Then the Eagles. Then the Patriots.

One source said that the Pats won Moss "at the wire."

Moss, as we're told, was afraid to leave a place where he's happy after being unhappy for so many years before that."

Wow. To this point I thought Moss was just gathering offers from other teams to try to get the Patriots to step to the plate, but this report seems to show that Moss was seriously considering coming to Philly.

I love how aggressive the Eagles are being this off season, it's a refreshing change. Perhaps the Eagles will now focus all of their energy on prying Larry Fitzgerald away from the Cardinals. Eagles fans will be clamoring for something to get done after they narrowly missed out on Moss.

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