Friday, March 7, 2008

Randy Moss still hasn't signed with Patriots?

Maybe this Randy Moss story isn't over just yet. As of Monday, it was reported that Moss was set to re-join the Patriots and would sign a 3 year, 27 million dollar contract. The Eagles made their pitch to get Moss to Philly, and he almost came here, but he chose to stay in New England, and the Eagles were left to look elsewhere to find a number one receiver.

Or are they? Ron Jaworski, on the Jody Mac show on Sports Radio 950, and have reported that Randy Moss has yet to actually sign a contract with the Patriots. Jaworski stated that the deal might be "falling apart" and that both sides are still haggling over the final numbers of the deal. Jaws says that Andy Reid and the Eagles are ready to swoop in and try to pry Moss away if he is having second thoughts. This all sounds like good news to the Eagles, who would have to be the front runner for Moss if he doesn't stay with the Patriots.

However, the rumor may not have any validity., which is usually a pretty reliable source, emphatically refutes the story. They say that the deal has been signed, and if you go to the NFLPA web site, it is posted that Moss is signed with the Patriots through 2010.

Ron Jaworksi is not usually the type to make up rumors, but I think in this case we have to assume that Randy Moss is a Patriot. The chances that he didn't actually sign the contract are slim, and even if he hasn't, they could be simply hammering out the final details. If there is truth to these rumors, the Eagles better be on the phone and ready to give Moss whatever it is he wants that the Patriots won't give him. If there is any chance they can sign him, they better be putting all of their efforts into trying to get it done.

To listen to audio from the Ron Jaworski interview, click here.

One last question for Eagle fans to discuss in the comment section: If both were available, which receiver would you rather have, Larry Fitzgerald or Randy Moss?

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