Saturday, March 8, 2008

Cardinals not interested in Eagles offer for Fitzgerald

The Cardinals apparently aren't all that enthusiastic with what the Eagles have to offer them for their 2-time Pro Bowl receiver. It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Cardinals won't be able to pay Larry Fitzgerald what he is owed, and unless his contract can be restructured, the Cards will be forced to trade him.

The Eagles have reportedly offered Lito Sheppard and Reggie Brown for Fitzgerald, but the Cardinals aren't biting. They are said to have "little interest in either player" the Eagles are offering. Taking a look at the Cardinals roster, they already have a pretty good secondary, but Lito would be an upgrade over anything they have at the cornerback position. They would need a receiver to replace Fitzgerald, so that is why Reggie Brown is thrown in. The Eagles could easily upgrade their offer by tossing in some high draft picks, but then they might be overpaying for Fitzgerald.

It is great to see the Eagles continue to be aggressive in getting another receiver. The way things are looking, though, they are going to have to give up a ton to get one. Matt Millen has publicly stated that Roy Williams is not available, so Fitzgerald might be the last option they have.

The Eagles will have to do something completely out of character if they want Larry Fitzgerald. They are going to have to mortgage the future to win now with a player who has a huge contract. The last time they did something so out of character, bringing in a locker room cancer like T.O., they ended up in the Super Bowl. Let's hope they can find a way to get this thing done.

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