Thursday, March 20, 2008

Cowboys Want Pacman

As if Eagle fans needed another reason to hate the Cowboys, now Dallas wants to add one of the most controversial football players of the last few seasons. The Cowboys are reportedly in talks with the Tennessee Titans to acquire Pacman Jones for a late round draft pick. The deal is nowhere near official, and Pacman hasn't even been cleared to play by Commissioner Roger Goodell, but Dallas would be one of the few teams that would take in a player like Jones.

While Jones is someone who is in constant trouble with the law and a complete distraction to a team, he is also a great football player who could be a big contributor if he was focused on the game. He was becoming one of the top playmaking corners in the league before his suspension, and he also can return punts with the best of them.

If the Cowboys add Jones, it could either be a shrewd pickup or huge mistake. Jones would fit right in with the already brash Cowboys locker room, but adding another volatile personality to the mix could cause the team to implode.

Eagles fans would love to see T.O. and Pacman go at it and destroy the team, but they should also be worried that Jones might end up being a key ingredient on a strong Cowboys team next year.

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