Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chris Webber to Retire

Former Sixer Chris Webber, who returned to the NBA just a few short months ago with the Golden State Warriors, is about to call it a career. Webber, citing more problems with his injured knees, will announce his retirement at a press conference tomorrow afternoon. Webber hadn't played for three weeks, contemplating his future while struggling with his knee. Webber only played 9 games with the Warriors in his comeback attempt this season, and looked out of place in the Warriors run-and-gun offense, averaging only 3.9 points and 3.5 boards per game.

Webber's retirement will not cause Philly fans to shed a tear for the former Sixer who spent portions of 3 seasons in Philadelphia. Webber was brought over from Sacramento to be the complementary player that Allen Iverson never had, and instead he was a terrible teammate who quit on the team, causing the Sixers to buy him out. When he re-emerged in Detroit later that same season, Webber all of the sudden found his form again, playing a key role for a contending Pistons team. Sixers fans will never forgive Webber for his lack of effort and the way he forced himself out of town. It's safe to say he won't get a reception anything like AI's if he shows up at the Wachovia Center.

As Webber's career comes to a close, it's unfortunate that the man who never won a championship will always be remembered for calling a timeout his team didn't have.

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