Sunday, March 30, 2008

2008 Phillies Predictions

Yesterday, I made my predictions for the AL and NL. Today, I will take a more in-depth look at the Phillies and make predictions for each individual player. I'll make predictions for players on their Opening Day roster only, plus Brad Lidge and Kris Benson.

Phillies Overall Record: 89-73 (Wild Card Winner, Lose in the NLDS)

Pitchers: (W-L, ERA, Saves)

Kris Benson: 9-7, 4.36
Makes his debut in June, initially for an injured Cole Hamels and eventually replacing Adam Eaton, and will do an adequate job.

Clay Condrey: 1-4, 5.21
Another split year between AAA and the Philies. Wouldn't be on most the Opening Day rosters of most contending teams.

Chad Durbin: 4-3, 4.63
Will get a few spot starts when Hamels inevitably goes on the DL, but will be relegated to mop-up duty whenever Eaton starts.

Adam Eaton: 5-9, 6.54
Will have a phantom injury that will keep him on the DL for the second half of the season.

Tom Gordon: 2-1, 4.55, 7 saves
Will do fine in the closers role temporarily and will team with J.C. Romero to make a formidable 8th inning combo.

Cole Hamels: 17-6, 3.45
Will be effective when healthy. Will have at least two short DL stints.

Kyle Kendrick: 12-13, 4.31
Expect growing pains. He will start the season slowly, but pick it up by the end.

Tim Lahey: 1-1, 5,43
Won't be with the team for long, he will be sent back to the Twins.

Brad Lidge: 2-3, 3.86, 38 saves.
Once healthy, Lidge will have a great season closing out games.

Ryan Madsen: 3-3, 3.45, 2 saves
Will finally develop into a reliable 7th inning option when he puts together a healthy full season.

Jamie Moyer: 11-12, 5.33
Old Man Moyer will struggle in his final year, but should be good for a few solid starts.

Brett Myers: 18-9, 3.22
Will flourish as a starter again. Will be looked at to win the big games.

J.C. Romero: 4-2, 2.99
Will have a good follow-up to last years lights out performance.

Hitters (AVG, HR's, RBI's)


Chris Coste: .263, 4, 18
Unfortunately I think Coste will get supplanted as the backup catcher by Jason Jaramillo by mid-season.

Carlos Ruiz: .268, 11, 66
Adds a little more power, continues to call a good game behind the plate.


Eric Bruntlett: .244, 1, 12
Won't play much since there is no longer a need for a defensive replacement late in games.

Greg Dobbs: .268, 8, 44
A decline in playing time means a decline in production.

Pedro Feliz: .253, 28, 77
Great year defensively and great power numbers.

Wes Helms: .233, 4, 13
Hopefully gone by June in a trade that nets the Phils a reliever

Ryan Howard: .270, 51, 144
The power numbers should go back up if he stays healthy all season. Will be in consideration for the MVP

Jimmy Rollins: .286, 24, 79
Can't possibly repeat last years production, but will be his usual consistent self and clubhouse leader.

Chase Utley: .322, 35, 128
MVP! MVP! Those numbers should get it done.

Pat Burrell: .252, 31, 101
Another streaky year from Burrell, probably his last with the Phillies.

Geoff Jenkins: .279, 20, 69
His average will be higher than last years because he will primarily face righties.

So Taguchi: .285, 1, 18
Won't see too many at-bats as a replacement for Burrell in late innings.

Shane Victorino: .277, 8, 44
His numbers will drop slightly, but should steal about 45 bases.

Jayson Werth: .280, 6, 38
Won't be as good as last year, and will see a big reduction in playing time.

So that's what I think will happen this season. Agree or disagree with my predictions? Want to make your own? Include your thoughts in the comment section.

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