Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Phils Rumor: Helms to San Francisco for Kline

Wes Helms doesn't have a position on the Phillies this year. With the signing of Pedro Feliz, a right-handed third baseman, Helms has become redundant. Yes, he can play first base if Ryan Howard needs a rest, but so can a number of players already on the roster. Therefore, Helms has been the subject of quite a few trade rumors this spring.

The Phillies would love to move Helms, but his 2 million dollar salary makes it difficult. The Marlins were interested in Helms at one point, but they hate taking on salary, so a deal with them is unlikely. The San Francisco Giants are the latest team that might want Helms.

The Giants are desperate for a third baseman. Ever since Pedro Feliz signed with the Phillies, the Giants have been looking for a replacement. They have been involved in talks with the White Sox about Joe Crede, but the Giants would have to give up something of value to get him. The rumor being floated around now is that the Giants would trade lefty reliever Steve Kline to the Phillies for Wes Helms.

This deal makes sense for both teams. Kline makes almost as much as Helms, so financially it works out. The Phillies are also seeking another lefty, and although Kline isn't much of a pitcher, he's your typical LOOGY. He'll get you a few outs a week against tough lefty hitters.

The Phillies should jump on any offer for Wes Helms that gets them a serviceable major league pitcher, so I would be all for this move. Kline won't light the world on fire, but he'll still be more useful to the Phils than Helms ever would be.

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