Sunday, March 9, 2008

Torry Holt won't be traded

The rumor mill is still churning with possibilities for the Eagles in their quest for a number one receiver. One of the names that has been occasionally mentioned is Torry Holt of the St. Louis Rams. I never really considered Holt an option, but the Rams have made it public that they won't trade the 10-year veteran. With Isaac Bruce in San Francisco, the Rams are thin at wide receiver, so why would they trade their only consistent threat? The Rams are looking to add another receiver, not trade one away.

Out of all the rumored candidates for the Eagles, Holt was the least impressive. He's 31 years old, and not the same player he once was. While he did finish with 90 catches last season, his yards per catch has steadily declined over the last seven years. The Eagles need someone who can be a deep threat, and Holt is not that guy anymore. He has turned into a possession receiver who can make the tough catches over the middle.

Cross Torry Holt off the Eagles wish list. The options are beginning to narrow, and it looks like if the Eagles can't pry Larry Fitzgerald away from the Cardinals, they will be stuck with the same group as last year. Maybe Reggie Brown will finally make the leap every has been expecting.

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