Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simon Gagne making progress, could return if Flyers make Stanley Cup Finals

Simon Gagne, who has been out since February 10th with lingering concussion symptoms, has been making progress in his return to the ice. He has been advised to sit out the remainder of the season, but Gagne believes that he could return to the ice in the unlikely event that the Flyers make it to the Stanley Cup Finals.

In other words, we should expect to see Gagne sometime next fall. If the Flyers somehow do make it to the Finals this season, I would hope that Gagne is kept far away from the ice. One more big hit could end his career, and the last thing he should be doing is trying to make his comeback in an intense Stanley Cup game.

There is still a chance that Gagne will be able to return to his 40-goal form if he is fully healthy again. His career is quickly heading down the Eric Lindros path, where he unfortunately might become the next promising player whose career was cut short. Gagne should learn from Lindros and not rush his return to the ice.

After all, we painfully remember what happened when Eric Lindros tried to make his comeback in the Stanley Cup playoffs in May 2000:

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