Sunday, March 30, 2008 Lito Deal Likely to Happen

This certainly doesn't seem like new information, but put a post up today reminding everyone that Lito Sheppard is still likely to be traded in the near future. There is speculation that the reason the deal hasn't gone down yet is because the Eagles want more for Lito than teams are offering. Shutdown corner Deangelo Hall was traded from the Falcons to the Raiders, and the Falcons received a 2nd and 5th round draft picks. The Eagles would likely use that compensation as a starting point for Lito. We can likely forget about getting an impact receiver in any trade involving Lito.

With the way the Eagles shelled out the huge money to bring in Asante Samuel, it has appeared Lito Sheppard's days with the Eagles have been numbered. Hopefully the Eagles are holding out for a good deal, and they won't just unload him for whatever they can get. If the Eagles can't find what they want, then I hope they hold on to Lito, because if he teams up with Samuel and Sheldon Brown it would make for a scary-good secondary. I would still bet that a deal happens sometime between now and the draft.

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Anonymous said...

Proposed trade of CB Lito Sheppard to New England for WR Chad Jackson and 2009 second-round draft choice either Patriots' own or the San Diego Chargers pick that Patriots obtained in 2008 draft day trade.