Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Larry Fitzgerald Extends Deal, won't be an Eagle

So much for the dream of seeing Larry Fitzgerald in an Eagle uniform. Fitzgerald agreed to extend his deal with the Cardinals, signing a 4 year, 40 million dollar deal. You have to hand it to the normally incompetent Cardinals, not only did they find a way to keep their star receiver, they got him on the cheap. Even though it includes 30 million dollars in guaranteed money, 10 million a year is a steal for a player of Fitzgerald's talent.

This is strike two against the Eagles in their search for a star receiver. Who's left for them to pursue? Detroit is reluctant to move Roy Williams, Chad Johnson looks like he's staying put, and Torry Holt isn't going anywhere. It is looking more and more like the Eagles will be stuck with the same group of receivers next year. They still have to trade Lito Sheppard at some point, but this team probably won't be making any moves until the draft.

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