Monday, January 28, 2008

Chris Webber Signs with Warriors

In a move that has been rumored for days, the Golden State Warriors signed former Sixer Chris Webber. Philly fans are still pissed at Webber after the way he dogged it in his last season with the Sixers and some how magically became effective again when he signed on with the Pistons. My only question about this signing is how does a gimpy-legged Chris Webber fit into the Warriors run-and-gun system of play? The Warriors like to run, and Webber can barely do that.

C-Webb returns to the first NBA team he played for and his first coach, Don Nelson. Webber lasted only one season before he clashed with Nelson and the Warriors shipped him off to Washington. Good luck, Webber, have fun trying to keep up!

More info here.

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