Friday, September 18, 2009

Stacy Andrews won't start in Week 2 for the Eagles

What was supposed to be one of the best offensive lines in the NFL is quickly turning into a bunch of backups. Stacy Andrews, who was signed this offseason by the Eagles, will join fellow projected starting offensive linemen Shawn Andrews and Todd Herremans on the sidelines for the start of the Week 2 game against the Saints. Stacy Andrews is not completely out due to injury like brother Shawn and Herremans, though, instead, Stacy is simply not starting the game because he isn't "comfortable" with the Eagles blocking schemes. According to Brian Seltzer of ESPN 950, Andrews won't start but will still rotate into the game as he gets used to the Eagles system. Max Jean-Gilles will start in his place at right guard.

Thank goodness the Eagles have some of the best offensive line depth in the league. There isn't that much of a dropoff from Jean-Gilles to Andrews, especially with the way Andrews played in Week 1. It's still pretty sad when one of your top free agent pickups can't learn a system fast enough to start every game. Hopefully this is just a one week thing for Andrews and he can get himself back into playing capably.

So why are the Andrews brothers always involved in these kinds of strange stories?


ufc 103 live stream said...

Go Go Eagles. I hope Stacy will be back soon.

mayweather vs marquez live stream said...

Do you know when he is coming back?

GM-Carson said...

Gotta shutdown Brees today, which is a difficult task.