Monday, September 14, 2009

Report: McNabb won't play in Week Two

When Donovan McNabb laid in the endzone on his back yesterday, every Eagles fan feared the worst. That's because we've seen it all before with McNabb, from the seemingly harmless injury to the devastating knockout blow, and nearly all of them keep him out of action. McNabb had remarkable health last season so, really, it was only a matter of time before he got injured again. Luckily, the injured ribs he sustained on Sunday won't likely keep him out for long.

According to multiple sources, including the always trustworthy Jay Glazer, McNabb will miss next week, but after that he could play in Week 3 or wait until after the Week 4 bye to really heal up. Playing without McNabb for just 1 or 2 games is certainly not the end of the world for the Birds and certainly is better news than many originally feared.

Of course, replacing McNabb this season is tricky. Michael Vick won't be able to return from his suspension until Week 3, so he isn't an option next week. That leaves Kevin Kolb the only choice to start seeing as how he is the only quarterback on the roster. With the Eagles playing the Saints in Week 2, Kolb wouldn't have to face a difficult defense, but he will have the tough task of trying to score enough points to keep up with the high-powered Saints offense. It's fair to say Kolb is going to have to play better than he did in the garbage time minutes he played against the Panthers.

With McNabb out for a week or two, the Eagles find themselves with only one quarterback on the roster. Rumors have already begun circulating that the Eagles will be signing A.J. Feeley to come in and be the backup for a few weeks. If he's willing to come back to the Birds for just a short amount of time, that's a signing that makes a ton of sense.

While it could have been worse, the Eagles without Donovan McNabb are just a shell of themselves on offense. There is a huge dropoff from McNabb to Kevin Kolb, so the Eagles face a tall task next weekend against the Saints. It will be up to the defense to try to create havoc and disrupt Drew Brees enough to keep the team in the game. Unfortunately, Brees is no Jake "Mr. Turnover" Delhomme and that will make it that much more difficult. Hurry back, McNabb, this team can't do much without you.


Anonymous said...

nice try but andy reid did not rule mcnabb out for week 2 in todays press conf...

allthingsphilly said...

Nice try? McNabb isn't playing no matter what Reid says. He isn't going to tip his hand. The signing of Garcia seals it.

mobiljet said...

Follow the Eagles because of Kolb, and am amazed how little faith most seem to have in him... the Eagles have signed a gem... the athelete, the arm & the best feature, his smarts... he is gonna be just fine, in fact better than that... just give him a fair chance.