Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Dodgers acquire Thome, Garland for postseason run

In a late August splash, the team with the best record in the National League acquired a slugger we are all familiar with in Philadelphia: Jim Thome. Thome, who is a shell of his former self, was traded from the White Sox to the Dodgers on the final day that players can be added and still be eligible for the postseason roster. Thome, who was tradable because he cleared waivers, is basically just an all-or-nothing, strike out-or-home run hitter now, slugging 23 homers with the Sox while batting .249 with 116 strikeouts in 345 at bats.

While the Dodgers have now added some pop to their lineup, the odd thing about the trade is the fact that Thome really has no position. Thome has played only 4 games at 1st base in the last four years with Chicago, basically making him exclusively a DH. His defense is atrocious at 1st base and the Dodgers already have James Loney at that position, so where is he supposed to play? Perhaps Thome is now the Dodgers version of Matt Stairs, a lefty power bat that will swing for the fences once every game.

The Dodgers also added former Diamondback Jon Garland on Monday. Garland is hardly a difference-maker, with his 8-11 record and 4.29 ERA, but he figures to give the Dodgers some rotation depth.

While neither Thome or Garland are significant enough additions to swing the entire National League, things just got a little tougher for the Phillies in their quest to return to the World Series. While the Phils are still the best team overall in the NL, the Dodgers did everything in their power on Monday to try to close the gap. Time will tell if it was enough.

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jreed724 said...

I can see why they should be upset, aren’t they new loosing sales or clients over this???