Thursday, September 24, 2009

Blast from the past: Eagles work out Trotter

This Eagles season seems to get weirder by the day. It has already been filled with a quarterback carousel, the Michael Vick controversy and a mountain of injuries and now the Eagles are turning back the clock: former Eagle Pro Bowl linebacker Jeremiah Trotter was brought in for a workout today. Yeah, that isn't a typo and this isn't a post from three years ago, the Birds really took a look at Trotter.

The story was originally reported by ESPN's Adam Schefter and the Eagles have since confirmed the story, so the question now is what do we read into this workout? Are the Eagles really considering bringing Trotter back or are they simply letting an old friend get some practice in? Is the team really that desperate at middle linebacker that they would bring back a guy who hasn't played in the league since 2007?

Let's hope the Eagles aren't serious about bringing Trotter back. As much as I like the guy, the Birds gave up on him several years ago and it's not like he has gotten better since then. Perhaps Trotter would make a good coach but he doesn't belong on the roster of a team trying to win a Super Bowl.

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Si, probablemente lo sea