Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Enough is enough, Brad Lidge

So long, Brad Lidge, and thanks for the memories. At this point, the Phillies need to move on without you. The Brad Lidge from 2008 isn't showing up any time soon so get this guy out of the closer role. His 11th blown save against the Marlins on Wednesday night is beyond the last straw. If Lidge can't close out a game in front of like 15 Marlins fans in a fairly meaningless game in September then how is he going to do in October with a packed stadium and a ton of pressure?

Enough already Charlie Manuel. I know you are loyal to a fault but you have to take Lidge out of the closer role. Ryan Madson, while not perfect either, is your only option and you have to turn to him in the 9th. At this point Lidge isn't even worthy of a spot on the playoff roster but I know the Phillies will at least be that loyal to him.

Enough is enough, Brad Lidge. Your time as the Phillies closer in 2009 is over. Get your head on straight and get yourself ready to bounce back in 2010.

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