Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Eagles waive Baskett to make room for Vick

The Eagles roster moves just keep coming. According to Jay Glazer, the Eagles have waived Hank Baskett and taken Michael Vick off the exempt list. Taking Vick off the exempt list means he is eligible to return to practice with the Eagles in preparation of his return to the field in Week 3.

Baskett is a casualty of the Eagles having entirely too many receivers on their roster. Some might be surprised that the Birds didn't release Reggie Brown instead but that likely has to do with money. While Baskett is a better special teams player and arguably just as good a receiver as Brown, the team doesn't have to eat a large contract like they would have to do with Reggie. I would expect Baskett to draw some interest from other teams around the league.

Never a dull moment with this Eagles team, they are constantly tweaking the roster. Baskett is a quality player but it was more important that the Eagles start prepping Vick for his Week 3 debut.

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mick said...

The Birds sure are not boring ..Go Eagles