Thursday, September 3, 2009

It's official: Michael Vick to play in Week 3

Well, it's not quite as early as was rumored, but it's still pretty soon: NFL Commish Roger Goodell announced today that Michael Vick will be eligible to play for the Eagles in Week 3. Vick, who could have been suspended as long as 6 weeks, will be fully reinstated to play for the Eagles against the Chiefs on September 27th.

Week 3 is pretty good timing as the Eagles offense will be able to get into a rhythm without Vick and then they can start working in the Wildcat. The Chiefs are also a good opponent for Vick to start off against considering they aren't that strong.

We finally have a start date for the Michael Vick era. Here's hoping it goes well and that no quarterback controversy comes for at least a few weeks.

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