Friday, September 11, 2009

Flyers unveil Winter Classic Jerseys

Click here for 2012 Winter Classic JerseysThe Flyers unveiled their Winter Classic Jerseys today in dramatic fashion, having players from the team shatter a block of ice to reveal what they will wear on the January 1st outdoor game against the Bruins at Fenway Park. As expected, the team went with a classic white jersey, a counterpart to the classic orange jerseys they will be wearing at home this season.
It's a shame this sharp looking jersey will only be worn once this season, perhaps the Flyers will put it into their rotation if the fan feedback is overwhelmingly positive. The return of these classic Flyers jerseys are a welcome sight; they remind the city of the last time the team won the Cup and they look darn good, too.
(Pictures via @Philabright on Twitter)

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