Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All Things Philly Sports turns one!

Today is a big day in history: it is the one year anniversary of the creation of All Things Philly Sports! And, oh yeah, Barack Obama is being Inaugurated today, I guess that is a big deal, too!

One year ago today, I started this site with the hopes of creating a website where Philly fans could read opinions and analysis exclusively about their favorite teams. Well, 365 days, a couple of site re-designs and 745 posts later, I hope I'm at least somewhat accomplishing that goal! Since the site has gotten 125,000 page views in the last year, I know that there is an audience of readers out there and I thank you all for stopping by.

I am not sure I could have picked a better year to start blogging. The Phillies won the World Series, the Eagles made the NFC Championship Game, the Flyers got to the Eastern Conference Finals and the Sixers, well, they made the playoffs! I've had a ton of fun covering all of these teams and all the ups and downs that come with covering these teams for the most passionate fan base out there.

Just for fun, here are the top 10 posts from the site from the last year, based on page views:
1. 2008 NFL Salary Cap Numbers
2. Anquan Boldin may want a trade?
3. Sifting through the Eagles rumors
4. Eagles "going hard" after Larry Fitzgerald
5. Eagles Rumor Roundup
6. Anquan Boldin demands trade, Eagles fans continue to dream
7. Eagles eyeing Moss?
8. Phillies vs. Dodgers NLCS Schedule
9. Eagles playoff scenarios
10. Sarah Palin dropping the first puck for the Flyers

Since that is a decidedly Eagles-centric list, here are the top 3 posts for each of the other teams, based on page views:

1. Phillies vs. Dodgers NLCS Schedule
2. Manny being shopped, possibly to Phillies?
3. Phillies news and notes (from 2/10)

1. Sarah Palin dropping the first puck for the Flyers
2. Cote, Flyers knock out Lightning
3. Flyers rumors: Carter set to sign, Umberger trade?

1. Sixers deal Carney, Booth to make room for Brand
2. Sixers sign Kareem Rush
3. Elton Brand is a Sixer!

Of course, those are just the posts with the most page views, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why they are popular (Kareem Rush?? Really?). Here are my Top 3 personal favorite posts from the past year:

1. The drought it over! The Phillies win it all!
2. The Next Philly Sports Champ?
3. It's official: Philly owns New York

Thanks to everyone who has visited my site in the past year. Here's hoping the next year is even better!

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The Girl You Don't Bring Home to Momma said...

Happy Birthday !!!! As an avid Phillies fan....I love your site. Looking forward to another year.