Thursday, January 22, 2009

Seriously? Flyers interested in Peter Forsberg

Just when you thought it was dead, it starts right back up again. The rumors that Peter Forsberg was coming back to the Flyers started last season, died down after Foppa signed with the Avalanche, and then seemingly started up again the moment the Flyers were eliminated in the playoffs.

Now, it seems the rumor is gaining some real traction: the Flyers are talking with Forsberg's agent. According to Tim Panaccio of Comcast Sportsnet, Flyers GM Paul Holmgren contacted Foppa's agent to see if the star center was going to play this season. Holmgren went even further and said that "he would like to have Forsberg back in Philadelphia".

I have a few different thoughts on this rumor. First of all, with the Flyers right up against the cap, how in the world would they be able to afford Foppa? When Danny Briere comes back, the Flyers are already going to have to make a serious of moves to get themselves under the cap. If the Flyers were to sign Forsberg as well, an important piece of the current team would have to go. Of course, Briere is still injured, so Holmgren could be throwing feelers out there just in case Briere can't get back on the ice this season. If Briere never quite gets healthy, the Flyers could sign Forsberg and slide him right into Briere's spot on the first line.

Of course, whenever you talk about bringing Forsberg back, you have to consider his health. Foppa was a good, but not great, player for the Avalanche last season, putting up 14 points in 9 games. The Avs couldn't count on him on a nightly basis, however, as he was in and out of the lineup dealing with his foot and ankle problems.

If Briere doesn't come back and if Peter Forsberg is around 90% healthy, then I say the Flyers should bring back their former captain. He is still an excellent passer and I would love to see him dishing passes to Simon Gagne again. If Foppa is still the hobbled Foppa of the last two seasons then the Flyers should just forget it.

Either way, I am sure this is a rumor that won't be going away any time soon. Stay tuned for your daily Foppa.

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jet3t0 said...

I am scared-this is all about $$,they dont want to pay Briere,Fosberg is damaged goods,dont get him,if they do,then we lose a better player in Briere,we need him,Flyers have diffilculty with the better teams,if Snyder pulls the trigger on Forsberg,I think we lose Briere for the rest of the year,we dont want that