Monday, July 28, 2008

Sixers sign Kareem Rush, "3 point specialist"

After signing Royal Ivey last week, the Sixers continue to build their team around Elton Brand, although they still have yet to take care of their two restricted free agents, Andre Iguodala and Lou Williams. Ever since they traded Kyle Korver to the Utah Jazz last season to get salary cap space, the Sixers have been in desperate need for a 3 point shooter. They may have shored up that need with today's signing of shooting guard Kareem Rush. Rush played last season with the Indiana Pacers and has also played for the Lakers and the Bobcats in his 5 year NBA career. He also spent one year abroad playing in Lithuania.

Rush is not a star player by any means, but he did shoot a respectable 38.9% from beyond the arc last season. His career 3 point shooting percentage is 36%, which isn't going to set the world on fire, but it's an improvement for the Sixers who shot just 31.7% as a team last year. Rush also averaged 8.3 points per game last year and should fit nicely into a "shooter off the bench" role with the Sixers.

The signing of Rush makes for a bit of a crowded guard position on the Sixers. They now have Andre Miller, Royal Ivey, Willie Green and Rush under contract with Williams and Iguodala likely to be signed soon. Iguodala will spend some time at small forward but there might not be enough playing time to go around for all these guards. Hopefully it doesn't mean the Sixers don't plan on signing Lou Williams, but it appears someone might have to go. My vote would be for Willie Green.

Click here for Rush's career stats.

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