Friday, January 30, 2009

Forsberg won't play in NHL this year

Well, at least he isn't dragging it out this year. Peter Forsberg, a perennial candidate to sign with the Philadelphia Flyers, has decided that if his foot is healthy enough, he won't return to the NHL, instead he will play in Sweden for Modo.

This news has many Flyer fans breathing a sigh of relief. Speculation had picked up recently that the Flyers were looking to sign Forsberg, possibly to fill in for the injured Danny Briere. While the salary cap implications of signing Forsberg would have made it highly unlikely the Flyers could have actually signed Foppa, it's nice to know that the rumors are going to die off now. The Flyers wanted no part of Forsberg unless he found a magical cure for his ailing feet.

Does this signal the end of Peter Forsberg's NHL career?

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